Mitigate the LED bright spots


As a Playstation lover, I liked the concept of the decoration I saw on

However, I was wondering if there is a way to make the light more equally diffused on the surface of the icons. It is as well a nice DIY exercice for the weekend.

First lets 3D draw the models with Fusion360. The shapes are hollowed and closed with a cap holding the LEDs:


I populated the caps with SK6812 RGBW leds, and control them with an ESP32:


I printed the body in one part, changing the filament color after the first millimeter to have the front transparent, but not the sides. I painted the inside with white acrylic to enhance diffusion:


Then the idea was to diffuse the bright spots cast by the tiny LED. So I took a picture of them right away:


Clean and filter this picture to have a black and white image representing the light intensity on the icon surface. I used the Fusion360 plugin image2surface to generate a mesh. Converting this mesh to t-spline surface, then cut a body with it to have the diffusion volume proportional to the light intensity.

Print this diffusion volume in transparent and assemble the 3 parts:

It’s not perfect and the process can be iterated, but with the right colors and a bit of animation, I think it is as good as the sold one.


The 3D files can be found on thingiverse here. And the ESP32 code here :


Creative Commons License

2 thoughts on “Mitigate the LED bright spots

  1. Andreas Strand

    Awesome job, can u link what leds you bought and maybe do a small guide for connection to ESP32?

    1. pierremuth Post author

      Thanks a lot for your nice comment! And sorry for the delay.
      The leds aer Sk6812, the same as Adafruit Neopixel. I’m sure you can find good tutorials, better than I can write.
      On the code you can find the ESP32 pins controlling the different stripes for the different figures : (GPIO 16, 17, 18 and 19)
      stripCross(4, 16);
      stripCircle(4, 17);
      stripSquare(4, 18);
      striptriangle(3, 19);


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